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Needlework Stands & Accessories

Artisan Design "Sit Back & Relax" Needlework stands and accessories make stitching more productive and enjoyable.


Lokscroll Scroll Frames

FOR IN DEPTH INFORMATION ABOUT LOKSCROLL, PLEASE VISIT After everyone else tells you their scroll frame is "the best", visit Only then can one begin to understand why the U.S. Patent office recognized Lokscroll not simply a new design ( 6 digit or "design" Patent); but rather a new technology, ( 7 digit or "utility" Patent) #5,347,732. Design Patents recognize a new "appearance", and require little more that a set of drawings. Utility patents require in-depth investigation of all prior relevent invention and detailed documentation accompanied by drawings demonstrating all applicable physical principles & properties that establish a new state of the art. You may review our Lokscroll Patent 5347732.


Star Corral Astronomy Center


Replacement Parts