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Deluxe Lokscroll Kit

$108.95 / set(s)
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Excellent way to hold your needle work!
from on 12/25/2020
I have used this lockscroll kit for years with my Gazelle 2 (but they can be used alone as well) and will never go back to hoops again! I've used every size and everyone has worked flawlessly to hold my project. It's so easy to find the perfect size for my project with the different sidebars and scrollrods to choose from in the kit.

My projects are easy to load into the scroll frame and stay put once they are there. No more fiddling around as I'm stitching to get my project taught again! If I know I'm not going to be able to work on my project for a while, I can easily loosen one scrollrod to take the pressure off of the fabric and then easily tighten it back up once I start stitching again.

In 18 years I've only had one problem with a scrollrod splitting and once I contacted the company, they were extremely helpful in replacing it and concerned about how it could happen so they could improve their product. Definitely a well-made product that has held up to years of use!

But here's the best part: my project are clean once I am done stitching since I'm not constantly touching my project as I stitch (like when using hoops). The frame shop where I go have commented on how clean my projects are and it's all due to using the scroll frames with my Gazelle 2!

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