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Compact Bookchart for Gazelle2

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Great accessory for holding your needlework chart
from on 12/25/2020
I've used this accessory for years and I abolutely love it! I use mine with the Gazelle 2 and it's perfect for holding my chart for when I cross-stitch. I'm also able to put a metal chart holder on it to use with my magnetic line marker. It sits right in front of my cross-stitch project for easy reference as I stitch. My dog knocked over my stand once and this was the only thing that was damaged. I contacted the company and they were extremely helpful and concerned about how it was damaged--they wanted to make sure it wasn't something that they had done during production. The rushed a replacement right out to me so I could get back to stiching as soon as possible. This is my most used accessory with my Gazelle 2!

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