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A US district court decision in a case brought against the PRC (China) by Home Depot and four other similar stores has levied an import tax on Birch dowels which works out for Artisan Design to be about $1.60 per net foot including waste.  Our supplier has already removed Birch dowels from his catalogs.  Though targeted at China, here in the US craft manufacturers and their domestic customers are collateral damage.

Baltic Birch plywood - a product from extreme Northwest Russia is no longer available at any price. This means Lokscroll sticks and BookChart easel boards will soon be made with alternative materials - hopefully and likely not affecting price.

We have to raise prices; even worse is the fact that availability is likely going away before Summer arrives.  Oak dowels - difficult to machine and subject to splintering - and Poplar dowels which are too "bendy" are not good substitutes and have increased costwise as alternatives to Birch dowels.  Fortunately our Birch knobs will not be affected.

It is disturbing how our customers and Laura and I got caught in this mess.  We'll be burning the midnight oil updating prices to cover the cost. 




We have reduced the time from receipt of order to shipment to 2 to 5 weeks depending on what is ordered and how much the two of us can fabricate, finish, package, and ship. Tracking numbers will be emailed to you at the time we ship.    We will only be taking orders in the United States currently.

While shipping rates go up every year, the recent rise by the US postal service - due to some of our box sizes has increased, but we have gone back to United Parcel Service and have found their prices now better for these particular sizes.   Eventually the "inevitable" will force our hand.



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About Us

About Us

Artisan Design was founded in summer 1991 and incorporated in 1994 by Laura and Sheldon Padawer.  The first stand - the original Gazelle was built for Laura based on architectural engineering and ergonomic properties to eliminate back pain and eyestrain while cofortably seated in a workspace microenvironment.  We sold over four hundred Gazelles before the end of 1992.  Over sales of frames have grown annually as we added the Lokscroll Scroll Frame,the Ergo ReclinerCompatible Floorstand, and the Elan Tabletop Lapstand.  New methods and equipment have allowed us to continue what was once a 8 person shop into a two person operation.

Terms and Conditions

We are currently shipping orders about 2 - 5 weeks after receipt of your order.  When you place an order on line the payment is received by PayPal immediately.  When you order directly by phone, we do not bill your card until we are ready to ship.